No VP and a big FU for HC

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Barack Obama’s “in-your-face” move of hiring disgraced former Clinton campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle has outraged the Hillary camp in what is seen as a clear message that Barry does NOT want her as his Veep.

Jason Horowitz of the New York Observer relayed a potty-mouthed tirade from a former Clinton bundler:

A former bundler to Hillary Clinton just called in to tell me that Barack Obama’s selection of Patti Solis Doyle as chief of staff to the campaign’s eventual vice presidential nominee is the “biggest f–k you I have ever seen in politics.”

The donor, speaking on background, said that everyone in Clinton circles knows the two have hard feelings towards one another and haven’t spoken since Clinton removed Solis Doyle as campaign manager, and that Clinton loyalists view her with deep suspicion and believe that she is shopping around a book deal and acted as a background source for an extremely harsh Vanity Fair piece about Bill Clinton.

“Either one of two things happen,” said the bundler. “Hillary is selected as vice president and they fire Patti, or Hillary is not going to be the vice president.”

The bundler said that Clinton loyalists were livid over the pick.

“You don’t hire Patti Solis Doyle for her operational expertise,” said the bundler. “You don’t do that. This is someone who failed dramatically at her job. You only bring her on to f–k someone else.

Aside from the obvious question of why Hillary would have kept Solis Doyle around for 17 years if she was that incompetent, I also have to wonder just what the White Witch of Narnia expected Doyle to do after being unceremoniously dumped on the side of the road last February in a move described by the WSJ as “done so coldly and publicly that hardened colleagues say they were stunned.” Did Hillary really expect this not to come back to bite her rather sizable… ego?

But on the other side of things: while I don’t blame Doyle for pouncing at this chance to publicly thumb her nose at her former employer, I do have to question Obama’s sanity. Good as it must have felt… was this blatant face-slap really such a wise move on Barack’s part? As Mark Hemingway from the National Review observes:

First, her hiring strikes me as curious in one respect — is it common practice to hire the VP’s chief of staff before you select a VP? Wouldn’t the person selected for VP want to make that hire? Second, if Solis Doyle’s hire is in fact the proverbial horsehead in Hillary’s bed, is it really wise to irk the Clintons? Can’t they wreak tremendous havoc behind the scenes? They already have an incentive to set Hillary up as the I-told-you-so candidate in 2012, never mind the fact that this is a personal insult to the Clintons’ considerable egos. And if that’s the case, isn’t this move a breathtaking display of hubris on the part of the Obama campaign?

Considering that this is the same Barack Obama who recently wrote a letter to the Secretary of Defense demanding a “swift response” to his questions about recent troop suicides, we see that the man is no stranger to “breathtaking hubris”. But I’m not sure Barry really knows what he is up against when he messes with the Sopranos Clintons. Behind the scenes string-pulling is their specialty, and these folks have brought down many a career whenever they’ve felt dissed. This I believe would qualify.

Not to mention the fact that this doesn’t help Obama AT ALL with the “Harriet” crowd. Does Barry really want to rub political salt in the wounds of tens of millions of disgruntled voters?

Some of Barack’s campaign maneuvers just strike me as overly rambunctious. He’s either really bold or really naive.

I’ll take the latter for 18 million points.