Dems da rules, Harriet

A great rant from a Clinton supporter named Harriet Christian has surfaced on YouTube. Irate because the Democratic rules committee refused to count the Michigan primary results, this woman launches into quite an impressive tirade complaining that Hillary is being pushed out of the race because she is a white woman and referring to Obama as an “inadequate black male”.

Your peeps are doing you proud, Hillary:


Hillary’s death wish… for Obama

You may recall a previous post where I jokingly warned Barack Obama about the life-threatening risk he would be taking if he decided to choose Hillary as his running mate. Actually I was only half-joking. As we can see from recent comments Senator Clinton made to the editorial board of South Dakota’s Sioux Falls Argus Leader, the thought of Obama being assassinated HAS crossed the woman’s mind. In fact, the future possibility of a bumped-off Barack appears to be one of the beacons of hope that keeps her in the race.

Check out this unnerving clip in which she callously likens Obama to the late Robert Kennedy:

And this wasn’t just an off-the-cuff remark. Hillary expressed the same gruesome sentiments to TIME Magazine on March 6 of this year:

TIME: Can you envision a point at which–if the race stays this close–Democratic Party elders would step in and say, “This is now hurting the party and whoever will be the nominee in the fall”?
CLINTON: No, I really can’t. I think people have short memories. Primary contests used to last a lot longer. We all remember the great tragedy of Bobby Kennedy being assassinated in June in L.A. My husband didn’t wrap up the nomination in 1992 until June. Having a primary contest go through June is nothing particularly unusual.

So obviously Hillary has thought about this scenario… a lot. As we begin to cut through Senator Clinton’s condescending saccharin-laced persona and delve into the darker fantasies of this obsessively ambitious politician, the picture is… ahem… not a pretty one.

On second thought, Barack, don’t wait until the campaign is over — hire that food-taster NOW.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

Prop culture… Hillary’s boxer boy

Credit Sweetness & Light for first spotting “boxer boy”, a plant who has been repeatedly showing up in the background of Hillary’s recent speeches wearing red boxing gloves.

Here he is in West Virginia…

boxer boy in west virginia

and Indiana…

boxer boy in indiana

and Pennsylvania.

boxer boy in pennsylvania

Upon further review of the footage, I observed a couple of other interesting characters. It seems that Hillary’s plants are working in tag-team shifts, popping up at different times during her speeches.

Here’s “bowling pin guy”…

bowling pin guy

and “baby guy”

baby guy

I’ll leave the symbolism of it all to you folks.

Don’t worry about how these traveling plants are sustaining themselves. Word is that Hillary is providing the fertilizer.

Barack and Hillary… an item?

General consensus is that Hillary Clinton will win West Virginia by a landslide, thus adding to her recent victory in the state of Denial:

Clinton shows no sign of giving up despite the seemingly insurmountable odds, calling the state a “crucial turning point.” She and former President Clinton have made 29 campaign stops in West Virginia; Obama has made three.

Which he apparently counts as three separate states. Couldn’t resist…

Yep, Hillary’s pretty much secured the Mountain State but Everest still lies ahead. With her trailing Obama by 200 votes, there isn’t much chance of scaling that peak.

But her madness — at least in this instance — may have a method. Pundits are speculating that Hillary may be trying to position herself for the Veep spot with her persistent campaigning.

A new poll shows that 39 percent of Democrats want Clinton to be the vice presidential nominee, but ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos reports that “there has been no discussion between the candidates about it [the vice presidency] at all.”

Paula Shrobak, a school teacher, said a win in West Virginia might help Clinton secure the number two spot on the ticket.

“She has to go the long haul. She has to show she can get these last few states so that possibly as a vice presidential candidate she would be valuable,” Shrobak said.

Which gives breathless romantics in the media cause for hope…

Both Clinton and Obama are spending Tuesday morning in Washington, D.C. With so many people wondering about a joint ticket, a lot of eyes will be watching to see whether they cross paths while attending to their Senate duties.

“He sees her walking in his direction. His eyes dart down in feigned indifference. She pauses upon noticing him, starts to turn away, then gathers her courage and resolutely strides towards the tall strapping Senator who in recent months she has come to know as her sworn enemy. Their eyes meet. They both stop. “Senator.” she says curtly, quickly glancing toward her purposed destination. “Senator.” he nods with a weak smile as he proceeds to make his way past her. Their hands brush each other as they pass. A quickening of the breath. They both stop… and so does time. Their eyes slowly rest upon one another, their nervousness now replaced by a hunger. An inexhaustible hunger for power — shared power. The mountains they could conquer together. The masses could they manipulate. The demographics… the sheer demographics alone are enough to cause goosebumps… and indeed, goosebumps have now formed on the skin of both candidates in this exhilaratingly awkward moment. They can no longer deny the feeling. They embrace…”

GIVE ME A BREAK. If Obama has even a modicum of intelligence, he will RUN, not walk away from a shared ticket with Hillary. Do you folks realize how badly this woman wants to run this country? Do you know to what obsessive lengths she will go to realize her lifelong dream of being America’s first Queen… ruling the country with an iron fist and a… well… iron glove? All I can tell you, Senator Obama, is that if you choose Clinton as a Veep and then go on to win the Presidency, you’d be wise to sleep with one eye open. You’ll want to aquire the best Secret Service staff money can buy. And hire a food taster for good measure.

I’m just sayin’…

We now know who the Democratic Nominee Will Be…
May 7, 08, 3:41 pm
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Tim Russert has pretty much pronounced Hillary Clinton’s campaign dead, describing it as “very much like being on life support. Once they start removing the systems, you really have no choice”.

Paging Dr. Kevorkian…

Also, Drudge reports:

CONGRESSIONAL SOURCE: Hillary having trouble finding superdelegates who will meet with her… ‘No one wants to see her today’…”

Not looking too good.

But if her campaign’s prognosis is terminal, apparently Hillary hasn’t yet made it through the denial stage. After all, she has loaned herself 6.4 million in the past month and there are rumors of more to come. And today, Clinton is meeting supporters in West Virginia vowing to keep fighting.

Can’t blame the ol’ gal. After all, her husband was hailed as the comeback kid a few years back. But she just doesn’t possess the slick factor of Billy Boy and moreover she can’t play the saxophone. Without another constructive outlet for all her hot air, her campaign has now begun the dying process.

A word of advice to her campaign staffers… keep a good distance over the next few days. She’s a really good aim with dishware.