Spilling the beans?

Intriguing development in the Tony Rezko trial:

CHICAGO — Federal prosecutors moved Monday to delay indefinitely the sentencing of convicted fundraiser Antoin “Tony” Rezko, sending their strongest hint yet that he is ready to spill his political secrets.

The filing asks for a postponement while prosecutors and defense attorneys “engage in discussions that could affect their sentencing postures.”

Speculation has simmered for weeks that the key fundraiser for Gov. Rod Blagojevich and Sen. Barack Obama was whispering what he knows about corruption in Illinois government to federal prosecutors in hopes of getting a lighter sentence.

For those not familiar with Rezko’s ties to the Boy Wonder, here’s a lesson in politics… Chicago style.

Unmentioned at the trial was a purchase by Rezko’s wife, Rita, of property adjacent to the Obama home near the University of Chicago on the city’s South Side. Obama and his wife, Michelle, purchased their home the same day that Rezko’s wife closed on her property. And she later sold some of her property to the Obamas to enlarge their lot. Obama later said that allowing Rezko to do what appeared to be a favor was a “bonehead” move.

Is that the term you guys use in Illinois?  We call it a sweet deal over here.

It’s a wonder Bill Clinton doesn’t like this guy… they’re practically birds of a feather.  Shades of Jim and Susan McDougal here.

It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out. Not that I’m expecting anything to surface that will be damaging to Barry. High-level politicians generally have a way of skating free in these situations. But the story is still worth following.

Link below:

Prosecutors Seek to Delay Sentencing of Tony Rezko


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