A taxing philosophy
September 18, 08, 3:44 pm
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Joe Biden has been kind of in the sidelines of late… which is a shame because the man can be very entertaining when he opens his mouth. Here’s what he had to say about taxes this morning:

“We want to take money and put it back in the pocket of middle-class people,” Biden said in an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

I highlighted these two phrases because they so aptly reveal the Democratic Party mindset. When he says “take money” he dosn’t mean take it from the overflowing coffers at Capitol Hill. He means taking just a little more from those whom he and his colleages have deemed to be the overpriveledged.

Biden could just have easily put it this way:

‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his need’

It’s called ‘redistribution of wealth’… and Karl Marx thought of it a long time before the Dems ever adopted it as their official tax platform.

But Biden’s quote is a great one because it illustrates the classic Democratic class-envy thinking that so energizes their voter-base.  Three things are implied here:

  1. The upper-class has more than they need
  2. They took much of their money from the pockets of the middle-class
  3. Congress has the right to confiscate that “stolen” money and “put it back” with it’s rightful owners

Here’s a better idea Joe: How about taking the money that YOU and your porky Dem pals have confiscated from the middle-class over the years and giving THAT back to them?  How much do YOU really need? Why does someone else always have to compensate whenever YOU might have to do with less?

Just wondering…

Biden has a reputation for gaffes but I don’t think that term quite fits here. His real weakness is that he tells the truth far too often. These “slip-ups” of truthfulness are labeled gaffes because it embarrasses the Democratic party to have their intentions revealed. They don’t like it when one of their own puts it in plain English. At least not during the peak of the election season when they are trying so hard to appeal to the center.

But wait… I’ve saved the best for last:

Noting that wealthier Americans would indeed pay more, Biden said: “It’s time to be patriotic … time to jump in, time to be part of the deal, time to help get America out of the rut.”

[cue “America the Beautiful”] How it must swell the hearts of those in higher tax brackets who already pay over 50% the country’s overall taxes to know that they may soon have the opportunity to serve their great country even more. Certainly this is what Thomas, Ben and the boys had in mind when they set up this representative republic of ours. Thank you for reminding us of what true patriotism is, Senator Biden.

Incidentally, I’m not angry here… I’m laughing way too hard to be angry. This is wonderful stuff.


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