Barry does Tinseltown

Change was in the air last night in Beverly Hills… the kind that goes clink. The Boy Wonder raised $9 million at a pair of glitzy celebrity fundraisers which culimated in a performance by his talented and intellectually vapid friend, Barbara Streisand. As we might expect, all the usual suspects were on hand:

Dinner guests seen by reporters, or noted by waiters, included Will Ferrell, Jodie Foster, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Lee Curtis and DreamWorks founders Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Boycott ’em all! Ok I’ll probably end up watching Anchorman at least one more time… but THAT’S it!

Commenting during the event, Obama took a couple of whacks at what I’m pretty sure is now a dead horse (or pig):

“If we can cut through the nonsense and the lipstick and the pigs and the silliness, then I’m absolutely convinced that we are going to win,” Obama said, referring to some of the offbeat charges raised against him.

Who is it that is refusing to let this issue go, Barry? Because I’m pretty sure we stopped talking about lipstick at least a week ago, But since you insist on bringing it up again… let me remind you that this silliness started with YOUR words. YOU decided it would be a clever idea to take a little “wink & nudge” dig at Sarah Palin during a town-hall meeting. Your audience certainly approved.  Problem is you didn’t get away with it. It backfired and you’re embarrassed so you can’t stop bringing it up. But hey, as you keep telling us every five minutes… let’s drop it.

Now on to the heart of the matter. The AP article spells things out for us rather neatly in three sentences:

It was a day of contrasts for Obama. Earlier in the day, the Democratic presidential candidate spoke about the public’s deepening economic anxieties and portrayed Republican challenger John McCain as out of touch with the needs of hardworking people.

Then he flew to California for a night of hobnobbing with Hollywood notables.

“Contrasts” is a friendly MSM term for “hypocrisy”. But who can blame the guy? Why should Barack keep his promise of accepting public financing from you common folk when he has pals like Babs? All this talk of sticking it to the rich sounds nifty in a campaign speech, doesn’t it? But who does Obama cozy up to when he needs a little green? Certainly not YOU, workaday Democrat voter.

Sorry to break it to all you terminally cool Obama supporters, but you didn’t make it into Barry’s clique. These are the peeps your man would rather hang with when the day is done.  Gotta make it to the A-list if you want to schmooze with this guy. They talk his language. They have the bucks.  They can do the most for him.

YOUR duty is to continue cheering and swooning every time the Chosen One appears on TV and then take that trusty little index finger and point to “Obama” on the touchscreen come election day. He’ll take it from there… and proceed to do what every other Democrat before him has done…. grow government, raise taxes, appease foreign aggressors, and blame the previous administration for anything that goes wrong. All while pretending to stand up for you little people.

But what about change?  Well, since a good deal of you Obama supporters are educated college types, I’m sure you are familiar with a certain quote from Alphonse Karr on that subject. If not, put down that brewski and do a little homework.

--Cartoon by Lisa Benson

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