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September 11, 08, 5:10 pm
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Kudos to Health Care BS for digging up a little background info on the “impartial” Troopergate investigation of Sarah Palin.

First, a photo from the Obama/Biden campaign website:

Health Care BS fills in the details:

The man overseeing the “investigation,” Sen. Hollis French, is the bald guy near the back (fifth from left, by the Obama ‘08 posters). Any doubts about this hack’s objectivity yet?

Well, it gets better. Last week, for obvious reasons, Rep. John Coghill asked the Alaska Legislative Council to remove French from the probe. Coghill’s request was rejected:

On Monday, the head of the Legislative Council turned down his request. Democratic Sen. Kim Elton responded that he is sure that partisan politics can be kept out of the probe.

You know what’s coming, right? Senator Elton is also in the picture. He’s the tall bearded guy on the far left (ahem) of the photo. His Alaska State Legislature web page can be found here.

So, there it is. The guy overseeing the troopergate ”investigation” and the man charged with keeping him honest are both proud Obama partisans. If ever there was a put up job, folks, this is it.

We get the picture loud and clear. Great find.


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