McCain Gallup’ing to higher ground

More interesting poll numbers for John McCain — this time showing a notable surge among independents. The Gallup chart tells the story.

As I have said before, polls are of limited use and shouldn’t be relied upon religiously. But this post-convention swing is notable in the fact that the chart doesn’t show a similar bump for Obama after the Dem convention. In other words: Nice show, Barry… but it appears those styrofoam Greek columns failed to leave much of an impression on scrupulous independent voters. Not only has McCain’s support reached an all-time high among this important voter class, but Obama’s has reached an all-time low.

Gallup’s ‘Final Points’:

The events on the Republican stage in St. Paul, Minn., from Sept. 2-4 appear to have provided two important boosts to the McCain-Palin ticket.

First, according to the latest USA Today/Gallup poll, conducted Sept. 5-7, McCain has energized his Republican base and, as a result, has potentially strengthened his positioning on Election Day with “likely voters.” Second, as the Gallup Poll Daily trends discussed here show, voter movement toward McCain since the Republican convention occurred mainly with independents, thus broadening McCain’s appeal beyond the party.

Republicans had already lined up for McCain before the convention started. Now, they are excited, and are joined by more independents than at any other time in the campaign. Those gains may not last — “bounces” rarely do — but they enable McCain to launch the next phase of the campaign with the knowledge of what his winning coalition might look like.

Link to Gallup article below:

McCain Now Winning Majority of Independents


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