What a difference a convention makes

Bump, bump go the polls:

WASHINGTON — John McCain bested Barack Obama 50-46 percent among registered voters in the latest USA Today/Gallup poll, jumping 11 points over his previous showing and taking his biggest lead since January. McCain’s showing is credited in part to a well-received Republican Convention last week fueled largely by the surprise pick of McCain’s vice presidential running mate, Sarah Palin. The numbers out Monday show McCain wiped out a 7-point lead Obama received after the Democratic convention two weeks ago.

So are the Obamites worried? Oh yeah… but they don’t want us to know that:

“Up or down, we believe national polls are meaningless,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton told FOX News.

We shall remember that statement. Might come in handy at a later date.

Actually I don’t put much stock in polls either. They’re nothing more than manufactured news and carry a danger of influencing voter opinion when overused.

BUT there is at least one significant change worth noting:

Monday’s USA Today poll shows McCain has closed the week-before advantage on the economy from 19 points in Obama’s favor to just 3 points now.

That’s a little more than just a post convention bump and the Obama camp knows it. The economy is what Barry considers his golden ticket to the Oval Office. If he starts losing ground on that he may be in ‘heap big trouble’ come election time.

Full story below:

McCain Jumps Ahead of Obama in Latest Poll


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Out of respect, the man’s name is Barack; please use it.
Now, we all knew McCain was going to gain ground on the economy after his endless barrage of attack ads that falsely claim that Obama will raise your taxes.
The American people are stupid, and willing to believe this republican drivel.
In all likelihood, McCain will win, but that certainly doesn’t mean he’s the best choice to fix our economy.

Comment by Kurt

Umm… sorry pal but it’s my blog and I’ll use whatever nickname I want for the man. Lord knows Barry’s been called much worse by others. Hell, I even call McCain Johnny from time to time.

Your regard for the American people is a big part of the reason I do NOT want Dems in control. They’ve always assumed we’re too stupid to know what’s best for us and they’ve always been wrong. All I’ll say is we can certainly manage our money better than THEY can manage our money.

Comment by hopperbach

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