Sarah cleans up

The numbers are in for Sarah Palin’s speech at the RNC and oh are they good… almost as good as the Golden Boy himself.

Sarah Palin brought high TV ratings to the RNC. He speech, which she delivered last night, was watched by 37.2 million people, slightly behind the one given by Barack Obama last week.

Palin’s numbers came in way ahead of the ratings for speeches by Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden at last week’s Democratic National Convention. She also outperformed George Bush and Joe Lieberman by a huge margin.

Not shabby for someone we had never heard of before last Friday. Many will attribute these impressive ratings to the fact that Palin is a woman and a relative unknown — that people were curious about how she would carry herself.

True, but only partially.

What we are really seeing here is a hunger for the conservative message — delivered well — by somebody who really believes it.  Moderate establishment blue-bloods paying lip-service to our principles will no longer cut it in this political climate.

Take that to the bank folks… it’s an absolute fact. We’re tired of it. That is why the true conservatives that make up much of the Republican voter base have become so frustrated with their party and why we are so pumped-up now. We have always known that when conservatism is presented unfiltered in a no-nonsense way, it will always win the day.

Independents and undecided voters are very curious. They’re open to hearing our pitch. We just needed a good pitchman — or pitchwoman — to deliver it. We have found her… she has fired up our base and hopefully the  numbers she has drawn will wake up party elders to the reality of the situation that faces them.

In a way, Obama has been a blessing to the GOP. Let’s face it folks, without Barack Obama we would have no Sarah Palin. In her place would be the typical plastic, country-club suit with a fake smile. Mind you this person wouldn’t have been as attacked and hated as Palin is but that is only because they wouldn’t have posed a threat. They would have been just what everyone expected… NOBODY was expecting Sarah. The vitriol you are seeing in the press and the spitting-mad misery you are seeing on liberal blogs is a sure sign that we have someone special on that ticket.

Choosing Sarah was the act of a party driven to the brink and forced to think outside the box for the first time in decades. They realized the time was short and the usual template was no longer going to work. They had to think fast. The pressure brought about by Obamamania has squeezed that ancient lump of coal that was the Republican party and a diamond has emerged. Someone who not only shines, but can cut through the B.S.

Message to my liberal friends: if you’ve been tearing your hair out over the past week watching someone with so much charisma espousing views that are diametrically opposed to your own and getting roars of approval… I sympathise.  Welcome to our world. We’ve endured that over the past several months and it’s our turn to play.


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