A CAD for the GOP

Well I kind of suspected this might happen. I had mentioned in a previous post how awesome it was to hear Heart’s “Barracuda” played at last night’s RNC in tribute to Sarah Palin. As it turns out, Ann and Nancy Wilson are libs and they are a little steamed at their song being used by the ‘enemy’. So their lawyers have drawn up a friendly little letter:

Heart singers Ann and Nancy Wilson said a “cease-and-desist” letter has been sent to the Republicans asking them not to use the song.

“The Republican campaign did not ask for permission to use the song, nor would they have been granted that permission,” according to a statement issued late Thursday on behalf of the sisters.

No surprise there, folks. I can count the number of conservative rockers on one hand… Ted Nugent and Alice Cooper are the only ones that come to mind at present. Nevertheless, there may be a little glitch with the sisters’ objections:

Copyright law may not be on the Wilsons’ side as the song is licensed for public performance under a blanket fee paid by the venue to ASCAP, the firm that collects royalties on behalf of composers and copyright owners.

Not only that but there’s an interesting twist to the story… let’s just call it a Heart divided:

Despite the Wilson sisters’ objections, one of the song’s co-writers said he was “thrilled” that the song was used.

In an e-mail to Reuters, the band’s former guitarist, Roger Fisher, said it was a win-win situation. Heart gets publicity and royalties, while the Republicans benefit from “the ingenious placement of a kick-ass song,” Fisher said.

Hey, sounds good to me.

Ok, now a word for Ann and Nancy:

I’m a big fan who admires your talent and loves your music (well ok I wasn’t crazy about the big-haired synthesizer crap you did in the 80s — but once upon a time… you ROCKED).

NOW… it looks as if you might not have a case here on the copyright thing. But if you choose, you can still extract some good out of this. Even if you don’t like a thing Palin stands for… even if her views make you wanna spit blood like Gene Simmons, you still might want to consider the ground that would be broken for your gender if we got our first female vice-president. Isn’t that what they were telling us about Hillary after all?

TRUE feminism should have no ties to any particular party. Libs have tried to claim it for their own and lace it with their own ideals for many years. But really we’re just talking about the opportunities and respect women deserve regardless of beliefs. Like her or hate her, Sarah is helping you in a way. Just something to ponder.

But now I’m outta here in case Ann starts yelling at me… she has a REALLY loud voice.


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