Media mud

It’s been entertaining to watch the reaction of the liberal media over John McCain’s surprise bombshell (and I mean that on SO many levels) of choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate.  In the first place they are clearly bothered that he chose a woman — make that a Republican woman. After all, the official MSM template dictates that the first female ANYTHING in Washington HAS to be a Democrat. They being the enlightened ones who are with the times and all…

Secondly, they are resentful at being forced to turn their cameras away from the overconfident visage of the Golden One so soon after his star-studded pow-wow atop Mt. Olympus. After all, we were still supposed to be basking in the glow of history in the making last Thursday as Obama accepted the DNC nomination on the anniversary of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Today we were supposed to be reading the MSM’s poignant analysis of what this monumental event “means for America”.

Sure the media knew McCain’s introduction of a running mate was imminent. But they weren’t worried. They expected the traditional Republican cookie-cutter candidate… a Mitt Romney perhaps. They already had page two reserved for their obligatory three paragraph write-up on whoever the fuddy-duddy turned out to be.

So now the press has been thrown more than just a curve — we’re talking a Phil Niekro knuckler doing a butterfly dance around their bat. They are in absolute fits, folks… and they’re not playing nice. The same MSM who so obediently acquiesced after Barack Obama ordered them to lay off his wife and children has now embarked upon a hell-bent mission to find the dirt on anyone in the Palin clan all the way down to the family pooch.

And to the thrill of leftist pundits they believe they have uncovered some tasty morsels: Hubby had a DUI several years ago as a young man. Teen daughter is pregnant. Palin may have overstepped her authority while trying to protect her sister in a nasty custody battle. Sarah’s husband and son are (gasp) independents.

So how much of the mud will stick? From all indications not much at all. What is emerging here with the Palins is the family next door — or maybe our own.  It is actually refreshing for voters to see that Palin shares our problems and is somewhat approachable. As Politico’s Charles Mahtesian writes:

So far — and it is hard to tell what the future may hold for Palin’s unexpected national candidacy — the travails of the Palin family probably seem awfully familiar to many average Americans. It is this averageness that makes her such a politically promising running mate for John McCain — and such a dangerous opponent for Democrats. Many voters will find it easy to identify with her family’s struggles — a significant advantage in an election where the voting calculus is so unusually and intensely personal.

Agreed. These revelations may help her in an odd kind of way and will likely do little to put the brakes on what has suddenly become a very promising McCain candidacy.   The libs will kick up some dirt but what will be left when the dust clears is an intelligent, well spoken, confident, attractive, tenacious leader who is firm on her decidedly conservative convictions.

Dems and libs would like us to think they are laughing off McCain’s attempt at a checkmate. But make no mistake “Sarah Barracuda” is haunting their dreams at night. They are more than a little worried — and many of us on the right are now more than a little stoked. For the first time in the campaign we have… if I may borrow Barry’s buzzword… hope.  With Palin, we have finally broken the traditional Republican mold — at a time when things had indeed become moldy.

--Cartoon by Gary Varvel 

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