Talking down in pairs

As expected, the Golden Boy introduced his presidential running mate ‘to the world’ this past Saturday. Well world, you’re in for a treat! If you thought Barack Obama was a condescending windbag in love with the sound of his own voice, it is only because he has stood on the shoulders of GIANT windbags.

Enter Senator Joe Biden:

Obama Picks Biden as Running Mate


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Two slanders per sentence… pretty good. Is that they only way you know how to write on political topics?

Comment by David

Um… slander would be calling Obama a child molestor. In other words when you slander someone you’d better be able to back it up in case you get dragged into court by the ‘slanderee’. But saying Obama and Biden are condescending windbags fits more into the ‘opinion’ category and I’m not going to refrain from poking a little fun at the opposition just so that libs will like me.

I do get serious from time to time but I like to mix things up. Too many political blogs are on the dry side. Liberals and liberal politicians in general take themselves way too seriously and I make no apologies for ribbing certain individuals who choose to throw themselves into the public arena. As any political cartoonist will tell you they’re fair game. Lord knows the other side pulls no punches when it comes to Bush.

Comment by hopperbach

“Golden Boy” – mocking
“condescending windbag in love with the sound of his own voice” isn’t slander.” – slander
“GIANT windbags” – slander

Slander: a malicious(check), false(check), and defamatory statement (check) or report. This is no different than liberals slandering McCain with names such as McBush or McSame. Both parties need to stop mocking each other because it not only serves to dilute the credibility of one’s argument but to derail the discussion at hand.

Comment by David

By the way and off topic, I like your blog name. Unique!

Comment by David

‘Slander’ is almost always used in a legal context and refers to a factually false statement or rumor that damages a person’s reputation — something that might be actionable in court. None of this applies when I call Obama and Biden windbags and actually none of it applies when McCain is called McBush either. The Webster definition does fit perfectly with my earlier scenario of someone falsely accusing Obama of being a child molester (since that would be malicious, factually wrong, and would likely hurt his reputation even if not true). But in no way does it apply to my making a value judgement that Obama and Biden are condescending windbags. You may not personally like my use of the term but that doesn’t make it slanderous.

Lets go over that checklist again… I have a few edits:

MALICIOUS – (uncheck) Malice is a strong term that I reserve for a very select few individuals in this world… none of them are U.S. politicians. When I call Obama or Biden a windbag there’s usually more than a little humor present but no malice.

WRONG – (uncheck) I happen to really believe those two ARE windbags. Because you don’t believe that yourself doesn’t mean I am wrong — you are using “wrong” very subjectively here.

DEFAMATORY – (uncheck) My calling them windbags does absolutely nothing to hurt their reputation or career (again you credit me with way too much power!). Every politician in Washington has been called that at sometime or another and anyone who wants to use that term is perfectly within their rights.

Really what you are taking issue with is my style. Well… it is what it is and I’m not gonna change it to accommodate anyone. I basically say what’s on my mind — sometimes it’s articulate, sometimes it’s blunt, sometimes it’s silly, sometimes it’s a combination of the three. Sometimes I simply don’t have a lot of time so a few pithy sentences may have to suffice. I don’t expect this blog to win any Pulitzers but I’m achieving my main objective which is to vent my views and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

“By the way and off topic, I like your blog name. Unique!”

Thanks, I appreciate that! You are one of the few who has ever taken notice of the name. One day I combined one of my favorite painters with one of my favorite composers and this odd rabbit creature thingy was born.

You do always keep your comments on topic and that is much appreciated as well.

Comment by hopperbach

Okay, you’ve partly changed my mind.

#1. I’ll concede, not malicious.
#2. True, it is subjective.
#3. Yea, you’re right. It isn’t defamatory.

But I think you hit the nail on the head with, “what you are taking issue with is my style.” But alas, I’ll return.

By the way, don’t use “pithy”. Bill O’Rielly killed that word. Joking.

Comment by David

“By the way, don’t use “pithy”. Bill O’Rielly killed that word. Joking.”

Speaking of windbags… (O’Rielly I mean)

Comment by hopperbach

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