JibJab scores a knockout

Equal opportunity offender JibJab has posted a new campaign video for the ’08 election. This is probably the funniest I’ve seen from them to date. If you don’t laugh hard all the way through this clip, I’d suggest you go to the local clinic and get some humor implants.

The Obama ‘Disney animal’ segment is positively rich. They accomplish in 12 seconds what it can take several paragraphs to get across in an editorial or blog entry.

In addition to that, the guys at JibJab are brilliant at illustrating the futility of the election process as it exists today. No matter who you vote for this year, you’re pretty much gonna get spun around and “poked in the rear” by Uncle Sam.

Enjoy the clip. And don’t worry libs, there are plenty of good digs at the Prez and McCain here as well:

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