A start

The Prez is finally taking action on offshore drilling. Your move now, Congress:

WASHINGTON — President Bush will lift an executive ban on offshore oil drilling, although new oil exploration on the Outer Continental Shelf will remain off limits until Congress also takes action.

The president will make a Rose Garden statement on Monday, where he is expected to announce his lifting of the ban.

Full story:

Bush to Lift Executive Ban on Offshore Oil Drilling


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Yeah apparently kissing the Saudi Prince’s a$$ and groveling like a dog didn’t work just like drilling offshore won’t work either. Time for another plan of attack.

Comment by Hans

Wind? I guess Congress could provide an endless supply of that so it may just be an option.

But in the meantime… DRILL.

Comment by hopperbach

What do you propose they drill with, as even the CEOs of big oil admit they do not have the resources to do such given they are all in use currently?

What a joke, Drilling is the solution! How much are they (Big Oil) paying to you to promote their propaganda by the way? Are they going to give you free gas? I doubt it, so why the free promotion of something that will not solve the current situation or drop the price of oil? Also refineries are at capacity, so more oil will do what exactly? And if oil is cheaper & of high quality from the Middle East, then how will this lower the price b/c I’m pretty much certain you don’t include the subsidized military cost of protecting global oil transportation into your calculations?

Comment by Hans

Not free promotion, my friend. It’s called an opinion. I believe drilling would help prices in the long run and I have this sneaking suspicion the resources will be found. This is not a stagnant situation and refineries can be built if all are at capacity. Unlike others in this country, I don’t pay attention to obstacles other than to redefine them as challenges and figure out a way to tackle them.

Dems in congress have done a great job making a villain of the the “evil” oil industry. But the fact is there are greedy CEOs in all industries — just as there are good ones — and there is nothing inherently evil about oil.

So again, DRILL. And while we’re drilling we can look into wind, natural gas and any other alternative solutions. If any of them have merit, I’m all for it.

Now, let me check my mailbox… expecting a fat check from Big Oil…

Comment by hopperbach

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