The little missle that couldn’t
July 10, 08, 6:53 pm
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In a public flexing of their military muscle, Iran launched several missiles Wednesday including the Shaba-3 which is capable of reaching Israel. Unfortunately this display of manliness came up a little… er… short.

Here’s the original photo that appeared on Sepah News’ site:

Looks alright at first glance. Until you realize that there were supposed to be four missiles launching in the picture. It appears that one of them had a case of ‘projectile disfunction’. And Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not one to have his missile laughed at!

Fortunately, his shortcomings were not something that couldn’t be corrected by a little Photoshop work. Here’s the picture from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Web site that was picked up by Agence France-Presse and used by media outlets worldwide:

Schwoosh! Much more impressive…

At closer glance you can see that the photos are not completely identical — the second looks as if it were shot a moment later.  But there is still not a chance that the failed rocket was able to fire late and almost catch up with the one in the lead in that short of time. Plus you can see obvious similarities in the clouds of smoke on the ground from the two missiles on the right. In a word… busted.

So with this failure to perform, obviously Iran will have to find a place to store their dud missile. I can think of a REALLY good one…


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