Wrongs don’t make rights

A provocative editorial by Mike S. Adams observes the irritating tendency of Obama supporters to champion certain “rights” which are not mentioned or implied in the Constitution.

… Most of his [Obama’s] supporters have been talking about rights without any mention of the notion of responsibilities. Like supply and demand, and need and ability, the terms rights and responsibilities are best understood in relation to one another. For example, I have a 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms that the government cannot simply take away from me on a whim. But I also have a responsibility for everything that occurs between the time I discharge a bullet and the time the bullet comes to its final stopping point.

He then gives examples of some of the phantom rights imagined by the Obama faithful. They include:

  • The right to a college education
  • The right to breath clean air
  • The right to free health-care
  • The right to demand that the rich pay taxes in proportion to their ability
  • The right of gay men to feel comfortable (which IS a real demand of many gay groups when you get right down to it)

Anyone with a shred of gray matter will realize that the “rights” mentioned above are not rights at all. Most of them fall into the category of the Democrat’s favorite little invention, the “entitlement”.  As in “I’m entitled to these conditions and my neighbor is obligated to provide them for me”.

Just a brief study of the first ten amendments of the Constitution will show you that a true right never depends upon the effort, imposition or monetary support of another human being before it can exist. It’s already there at our birth… or as the Declaration so aptly puts it… endowed upon us by our Creator.  Just who this Creator is may be open to interpretation but I can assure you it is not Barack Obama (though some in his Cool-Aid congregation might dispute that point).

Additionally, true rights are inherent. No person or body gives them to you and no person or body is allowed to take them away.  The Founders were wise enough to recognize this fine point, calling our rights “self-evident” and “unalienable”. But Democrats in Washington would very much prefer we forgot that little detail… and they’ve done a splendid job of brainwashing their voters to that end.

Adams concludes his column by spoofing the logic of his liberal friends as he declares his right to…. invent more rights:

After spending only a little time listening to followers of the Dali Bama I have concluded that, in Obama’s America, everyone gets to declare at least one new fundamental right regardless of whether it is written into the constitution. And so, naturally, I am going to declare first that I have a right to unlimited rights. (This is sort of like making one’s only wish a request for unlimited wishes).

My second declaration of a new right is a little more complicated. First, I believe that I have a right to demand that you show me a copy of the U.S. Constitution every time you demand a new right. And if you cannot identify the constitutional basis of your proposed right, you forfeit that right as well as your right to vote in 2008. And, of course, I get to cast the vote you forfeited.

So, those of you prone to simply announce fundamental rights without any constitutional basis should beware that this could soon deprive you of the right to vote. Until now, it’s only deprived of you the right to sound intelligent.

Wonderful piece. Here’s the article link:

My Right to Unlimited Rights


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