You say you want a revolution

If anyone missed The History Channel’s The Revolution which ran this past Friday, I highly recommend it. The series consists of 13 parts… but I warn you that once you start watching the individual episodes you’ll be glued to the set for the better part of a day. It is very well done and the only criticism I would have is that occasionally they recycle some of their footage — but not often enough for it to become an annoyance. All in all there is plenty of fascinating information, nicely done re-enactments and balanced commentary from historians throughout. If you’re American you’ll be awed at the risks we took and the almost impossible odds we overcame to gain our independence and defeat the giant that was Great Britain. To say we earned our freedom is a massive understatement.

While watching the program I often found myself wondering how this fight for independence would have played out in today’s political climate. This war went on for 8 years, folks.  You can bet your bayonet there would have been cries of “quagmire”, peace protests and a daily tally of soldier and civilian deaths.  Jimmy Carter would have made a special trip overseas to have tea with King George (after swinging by for a visit with the Hessians in Germany) and would have returned home declaring the monarch an “honorable man”.

Seriously, catch the show when it airs next year or if you can’t wait that long, buy the DVD set. Parts of it will give you goosebumps and other parts will have you standing and cheering. Still at other times you’ll be wondering “How the hell did we WIN this thing?” Over all, you’ll emerge from the experience with a much deeper appreciation for what we have in this country and what it took to get us here.


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