Obama’s Mile High magic show

Whatever Barack Obama plans to deliver at the Democratic National Convention this August, apparently there is enough of it to fill a stadium.

DENVER — Confirming rumors that surfaced last week, the Democratic National Committee announced Monday that Sen. Barack Obama will make his acceptance speech at Invesco Field at Mile High instead of at the Pepsi Center, where most of the convention will be held.

The reason for the move is to open the event up to the public and to allow tens of thousands of more people to actively participate in the process, DNC officials said.

The Pepsi Center can hold 21,000 people for special events but Invesco Field at Mile High, the outdoor stadium where the Denver Broncos play, can seat more than 76,000 — not including the thousands of seats that could be placed out on the field.

Word has it that Barry will wrap up his rock show by flinging himself headlong into a mosh pit where the grinning candidate will then be passed around by an adoring throng of journalists.

Story below:

Obama’s DNC Acceptance Speech Will Be At Invesco Field


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PUMA! I say if the venue will hold more people then more Hillary supporters should go and chant NO NO NO BO!


Comment by caffinequeen

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