Road rage… Palestinian style

bulldozer attack in jerusalem

BBC reporter Tim Franks had a bird’s eye view of Wednesday’s attack in Jerusalem by a Palestinian bulldozer operator. Franks watched the surreal scene unfold as the enraged driver flattened cars, knocked over a bus and killed at least 3 people before being shot dead himself. Here is part of his chilling testimony:

What I first of all heard rather than saw was the shouts and screams of people down below me on the street.

I have an office that overlooks the Jaffa Road, and I looked out and saw that a bulldozer had gone into the side of a bus.

I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing, but then my astonishment grew further when I realised that this was a deliberate attack because the bulldozer then went back into the side of the bus, and then I think a third time before the bus toppled over.

It’s down on the street just in front of me, now I’m looking at it from my office, and it went over, apparently very, very easily… of course with people inside it.

There were people on the street who seemed almost as if they were flapping ineffectually at the bus, trying in some way to keep it upright, but it went over.

At that point, we careered down onto the street to see in more detail what was going on, and by the time we got down there, the bulldozer had gone maybe 100m-150m (330ft-500ft) further down the road, and had come to a halt, but not before several cars and taxis had been run over with people inside.

It was a grisly scene, and horns were still blaring.

Most news outlets report that Police are calling this a terrorist incident. Surprisingly Reuters did use the “T” word in their account as well… but then made darn sure to immediately follow that with a Hamas spokesman’s take on the attack:

“We do not expect it will influence the Gaza calm,” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in the Gaza Strip.

“There is a continued aggression against our people in the West Bank and Jerusalem and so it is natural that our people there will respond to such aggression,” he said.

Yes, flattening innocent Jewish commuters is SO natural. And these are the swell people Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter want to sit down and have a friendly chat with.

This area is a powder keg and we’d best brace ourselves for what is to come. It is becoming abundantly clear that there is not going to be peace in this region without war preceding it, folks.


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