Obama may need a little DLC


Senator Barack Obama is treading a precarious line with his supporters as he tries to widen his popular appeal without turning his back on his liberal voting base. He has recently stepped to the center on such issues as gun rights, the death penalty and FISA. But with all of his flip-flopping he still refuses to rub elbows with the centrist Democratic Leadership Council… even when they bring their show to his front doorstep:

It helped launch the last Democratic president and has pushed and prodded every Democratic candidate since Bill Clinton to adopt its centrist positions on issues from budget discipline to welfare.

But when the Democratic Leadership Council met over the weekend in the shadow of Barack Obama’s Chicago headquarters, he didn’t bother to stop by.

Is it losing its clout? Its members hope not, sidestepping Obama’s refusal to see them and politely urging him to consider their approaches.

“We asked him,” said Al From, the founder of the group. “I hope he’ll listen to some of the ideas we’ve talked about.

Translation: “You’re ignoring us Barry… we don’t like to be ignored…” A chagrinned Mayor Rich Daley took on the role as “surrogate” for Obama in his absence.

“He’s been very, very busy,” said Chicago Mayor Rich Daley, a key figure in the group. “He doesn’t have to be at every meeting across the country. He has to take time out. It’s important for his family.”

Face it DLC, you’ve been officially and publicly SNUBBED. You were all dolled up, standing at the entrance of the dance hall. But your dreamboat simply brushed by you without even so much as a glance at your fluttering eyelids.

Chalk another one up to youthful arrogance. Obama has shunned the DLC in the past due to his opposition to NAFTA and the Iraq War as well as his support of universal healthcare. However you can’t remain a liberal and win an election… just ask Howard Dean. Barry may have enjoyed the fist-pumping accolades of the Daily Kos crowd during the primary season but as it gets closer to November, he is going to need to look more and more conservative to win. That’s what Sir William Blythe had to do in ’92 and Obama in all his charisma is not exempt. More importantly, with all of Barack’s recent overtures to Bill and Hillary — both prominent DLC members — he might be wise to shimmy up to the mule if he wants to secure those crucial voters.

So will a jilted DLC still be accessible when the time comes to make nice? Sure. But I doubt that they will still be in Chicago by then. Try Alaska. Or maybe Guam. And Barry will have to come to them.

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