June 30, 08, 1:18 pm
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Oil Crisis… terrorism… sluggish economy… big deal. How can we fret about such mundane matters when ACTORS may soon be on strike?
From USAToday:

Two top actors unions’ contracts with the major studios expire today, but they won’t be picking up picket signs yet.

Though a strike remains a possibility, the Screen Actors Guild, which represents nearly all movie actors and many TV actors, is awaiting the outcome of a membership vote by a second, smaller union, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, on a tentative deal with the major studios.

That vote is expected by July 8 and has sparked union infighting between AFTRA and SAG, which hopes to persuade AFTRA members to reject their proposed new contract to improve its own bargaining position. (More than a third of SAG’s 120,000 members also belong to AFTRA, which represents a broader range of performers.)

As far as acronyms go, I’m less concerned about AFTRA and SAG than I am about PPP (pointless political pontifications). If folks such as Susan Sarandon, Leo DiCaprio, and Matt Daemon find themselves with too much idle time on their hands, we can be sure to expect an increase in idiotic quotes and sanctimonious lectures from the Hollywood left on who we should vote for and how we should live our lives.

But then again, that’s entertainment


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