Stop it with the nukes… no we mean it…
June 23, 08, 11:07 am
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Now you’ve gone and done it Iran.  The wrath of the EU is raining down upon you:

June 23 (Bloomberg) — The European Union stiffened its sanctions against Iran’s nuclear program, shutting down the EU offices of Bank Melli Iran and denying travel visas to more Iranian officials.

The new EU sanctions were a year in the making and don’t call into question an offer of economic incentives designed to persuade Iran to give up uranium enrichment, EU officials told reporters in Brussels today on condition of anonymity.

Iran has balked at three United Nations resolutions demanding a halt to uranium processing, ringing alarm bells over a possible war with Israel and stirring foreign-policy controversy in the U.S. presidential campaign.

Balked is not the term. Laughed convulsively gets a little closer.

A nuclear-armed Iran would be “unacceptable,” French President Nicolas Sarkozy told Israeli lawmakers in Jerusalem today. He threatened “harsher and harsher sanctions” and said Israel will not be “left alone” by the West.

Sanctions are at best a joke and at worst will always end up punishing the citizens much worse than the government itself. As Israel will tell us (and they may just SHOW us soon) a couple of well placed bombs on Iran’s nuclear facilities would accomplish what years of sanctions never will.

You can’t sanction the rogue out of a rogue nation. You also can’t use diplomacy on a government of zealots who are convinced that the Mid-East — and ultimately the world — belongs to them by divine fiat. Force is the only language they understand. And it may be time we started a “dialogue” with them.

Don’t get me wrong … I’m as big a fan of peace as the next guy. But we don’t have the luxury of waiting around talking amongst ourselves while the “unacceptable” becomes a reality in Iran. As a certain small-town deputy would say… time to nip this one in the bud.


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