C’mon big money! Obama’s new spin on public financing

The man is not even President yet and he’s already breaking campaign promises. Barack Obama today sent a clear message to his public supporters that their interests aren’t quite as “special” to him as the… er… special ones:

WASHINGTON – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Thursday he’ll bypass the federal public financing system in the general election, abandoning an earlier commitment to take the money if his Republican rival did as well.

Obama, who set records raising money in the primary election, will forgo more than $84 million that would have been available to him in the general election. He would be the first candidate to do so since Congress passed 1970s post-Watergate campaign finance laws. Sen. John McCain, the Republican nominee in waiting, has taken steps to accept the public funds in the general election.

All that populist stuff was obviously getting a little tiresome for the poor guy. Now we seem to be witnessing the emergence of a new, more elite Obama. Says opponent John McCain:

“Barack Obama is now the first presidential candidate since Watergate to run a campaign entirely on private funds. This decision will have far-reaching and extraordinary consequences that will weaken and undermine the public financing system.”

For those of you who are nostalgic for the old Barack, let’s step wayyyy back to August 2007. Here is Obama speaking at a campaign rally in Chicago:

“The people in this stadium need to know who we’re going to fight for,” Obama said at Soldier Field. “The reason that I’m running for president is because of you, not because of folks who are writing big checks, and that’s a clear message that has to be sent, I think, by every candidate.”

But the big checks turned out to be a formidable opponent and… alas… our hero just has no more fight left in him. It was grand while it lasted. We’re gonna miss you Barry… don’t be a stranger…

Story below:
Obama opts out of public campaign finance system


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