Global warming’s Gore’y details

al gore cartoon

On a historic night in February 2007 Al Gore’s much ballyhooed movie on climate change won an Oscar for “Best Documentary”. Gore of course, feigned reluctance to take the spotlight amid cheering throngs of celebs who had one by one began rising to their feet. But director Davis Guggenheim would have NONE of it! He emphatically gestured at our new savior of the ozone to get his butt on that stage and take his much deserved accolades like a man.

But the very next day, Gore faced his own inconvenient truth when the Tennessee Center for Policy Research revealed that his home in Nashville was not so eco friendly. Lets just say his house was to energy what Rosie O’Donnell is to donuts. A red-faced Gore soon scrambled to take dramatic steps towards a more green household and a satisfied media soon dropped the issue.

So how has Gore fared since then? Not so well

In the year since Al Gore took steps to make his home more energy-efficient, the former vice president’s home energy use surged more than 10 percent, according to the Tennessee Center for Policy Research.

“A man’s commitment to his beliefs is best measured by what he does behind the closed doors of his own home,” said Drew Johnson, President of the Tennessee Center for Policy Research. “Al Gore is a hypocrite and a fraud when it comes to his commitment to the environment, judging by his home energy consumption.

In the past year, Gore’s home burned through 213,210 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, enough to power 232 average American households for a month.

In February 2007, “An Inconvenient Truth,” a film based on a climate change speech developed by Gore, won an Academy Award for best documentary feature. The next day, the Tennessee Center for Policy Research uncovered that Gore’s Nashville home guzzled 20 times more electricity than the average American household.

After the Tennessee Center for Policy Research exposed Gore’s massive home energy use, the former Vice President scurried to make his home more energy-efficient. Despite adding solar panels, installing a geothermal system, replacing existing light bulbs with more efficient models, and overhauling the home’s windows and ductwork, Gore now consumes more electricity than before.

You see, Al Gore is what we call an opportunist. Upon emerging from his cave after a stint as a bearded hermit following his failed 2000 presidential bid, the now clean-shaven Gore was determined to re-invent himself. So he latched on to the one issue that would guarantee enthusiastic slaps on the back from the media, academia, and the public at large… green was to become Al’s new favorite color.

And green did indeed work for him… on so many levels:

In the wake of becoming the most well-known global warming alarmist, Gore won an Oscar, a Grammy and the Nobel Peace Prize. In addition, Gore saw his personal wealth increase by an estimated $100 million thanks largely to speaking fees and investments related to global warming hysteria.

At least TCPR’s Drew Johnson sees through all the political smog:

Actions speak louder than words, and Gore’s actions prove that he views climate change not as a serious problem, but as a money-making opportunity,” Johnson said. “Gore is exploiting the public’s concern about the environment to line his pockets and enhance his profile.

And THAT’s the story behind the story. You see, for Al Gore (or any politician) to want fame and fortune is not news. For him to be revealed as a hypocrite is also not news. The REAL news, as Johnson points out is that Al Gore by his actions clearly shows that he does not see global warming as a serious problem. In spite of all the impressive charts and animated swimming polar bears, Al knows in his heart of hearts that the danger is nowhere near what it is trumped it up to be. So he lives his life accordingly.

Now the question must be asked: if a washed up politician can exploit this issue for his own personal gain without believing the data, how much more so a government or an intergovernmental body? How much does Barack Obama really believe the hype? Or Ban Ki-moon? Could they also be peddling fear to gain more power and perks for themselves? Useful questions to ponder…


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