I’m John McCain and I approved this spam

This post from Wired’s blog network definitely has a Democrat bias but it is still interesting to see what the McCain camp considers to be a smart use of the internet to get his message out:

John McCain’s longstanding political reputation is that of a political maverick, an unconventional Republican who is willing to lean across the party aisle to achieve a public policy goal.

It seems that his campaign team is trying to extend that approach online. The McCain campaign in late May launched a new blogger outreach section on its website that encourages supporters to lobby for their candidate across 94 blogs that range in political bent from far left to far right.

The campaign arms the blog-raiders with one of McCain’s speeches on the need to transcend partisan politics to deal with the problems that the nation faces.

The speech that is referred to here is called John McCain’s Four Year Vision for America… and rest assured it is a very loooong, drawn out vision. It’s length alone is not something that would play well in the “comments” section of a blog post and it’s a sure-fire way to piss off the very folks he is trying to reach.

So cut-and-paste SPAM is McCain’s big internet weapon? If this is the level of genius that comes out of the synergy sessions between Johnny and his staff, his campaign is in big trouble.

I know I dog McCain a lot. Sure he’s the presumptive Republican nominee and I’m supposed to be supporting him, right? Well… maybe. But maybe I also want a candidate for whom the word “constitution” doesn’t just mean his long-standing health. Impressive military credentials aside, McCain is an establishment candidate all the way and there is nothing about his platform that particularly excites me as a conservative. Yes, he’ll be better than Obama — but only in terms that he will grow government at a slower pace than Obama. The Republicans at large have become the party of lofty platitudes and lip service. Truth be known this wabbit is about a hare’s breadth away from going libertarian and if it weren’t for Ron Paul’s Iraq War stance I might already be there.


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McCain have waffle himself many time in this campaign. What is your reason for stilling with him beside he better than Obama? How is he better than Obama?

Comment by moniqueth3intern

The main difference between McCain and Obama is that McCain is a centrist and Obama is an out and out liberal. The reason I am a conservative is because I want smaller government and lower taxes — if not an overhaul of the entire tax system. Since we don’t have a major candidate who will deliver on those points, we are left with choosing the guy who is least likely to do the opposite.

So I’m talking about the lesser of two evils here and a growing amount of conservatives like myself are getting sick of being presented with these limited choices. Election after election, we are expected to do our duty and pull the lever for whoever gets the nomination and it’s getting a bit old.

So I’m not firmly in McCain’s camp by any means. I’m just not interested in the “change” Barack has in mind for us. He’s an intelligent and charismatic guy but that’s not a reason to vote for him. He could potentially do a lot of damage to our country.

Comment by hopperbach

You said you believe in low taxes. CNN Crunch Obama and McCain tax plans and this is what they found.
Income of $38k-66k for McCain would get a $319 on average tax cut while Obama would get a $1,042 on average tax cut. $66k-112K for McCain would get a $1,009 average tax cut while Obama would get a $1,290 average tax cut. $112K-161K for McCain would get a $2,614 average tax cut while Obama would get a $2,204 average tax cut. Over $2.9M for McCain would get a $269,364 average tax cut while Obama would get a $701,885 average tax gain. I would not call Obama a liberal on the basic of taxes.

Comment by moniqueth3intern

That last one is the gotcha. It’s the classic tax increase on the rich to offset any losses they may incur when “giving back” to the middle class. Democrats in congress are loathe to actually give ANY money back so their trick is to pit one class against the other and then shuffle the money around without actually losing any themselves.. It’s a win/win for them – they get to keep the money while positioning themselves as heroic Robin Hoods standing up for the downtrodden.

Problem is… its OUR money. And I believe even the “evil” rich could spend it more wisely than congress.

Comment by hopperbach

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