Keeping that dependency intact…

Wayda’ go, Dems. You knew how happy the American people were at $4 a gallon and you defended us today. It still stumps me why you guys have even lower approval numbers than W:

WASHINGTON — A House subcommittee on Wednesday rejected a Republican-led effort to open up more U.S. coastal waters to oil exploration.

Rep. John Peterson, R-Pa., spearheaded the effort. His proposal would open up U.S. waters between 50 and 200 miles off shore for drilling. The first 50 miles off shore would be left alone.

But the plan failed Wednesday on a 9-6, party-line vote in a House appropriations subcommittee, which was considering the proposal as part of an Interior Department spending package.

Full story:

House Subcommittee Rejects Plan to Open U.S. Waters to More Oil Exploration


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What we want is cheap gas. For example:


Comment by chunque

At least say something before posting your link, chunque — even if you disagree. Us white d-bags have to help each other out y’know…

Comment by hopperbach

Great Post, is it possible to use
water for fuel
alternative fuel car

Comment by Matt Ike

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