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Obama will visit McCain’s turf in NC today as part a two week tour to the “battleground states”, where he hopes to exploit a weak economy to extract votes from what promises to be a tough crowd:

On Monday, Obama also will travel to North Carolina — a state that has not voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1976 — to talk economics to an electorate increasingly edgy about its future.

The Illinois senator plans to push into other Republican bastions with his economic message, hoping to reverse history in places like Missouri, which hasn’t voted for a Democrat since 1996 and Virginia, which last voted Democratic in 1964.

I don’t expect Barry to sway many in these states. But then again – as a once cocky Hillary learned early in the Dem race – you don’t let your guard down on this tortoise.

As for the economy — even though the numbers on Friday jolted the markets a bit, I think some of the more recent weekly jobless data is painting a more promising picture. In any event, the long-expected crash and burn may turn out to be more of a fender-bender. But rest assured, Obama will have the media’s help in stoking up some nice, robust fear on this issue in coming months.

Aside from that and the Iraq War, the two big factors to watch out for in this election are:


McCain will need all the financial help he can muster as he moves toward the November vote against Obama’s well-oiled fundraising machinery that has rolled up an astounding bankroll, much of it from small donors on the Internet.

Obama has raked in $264 million in 16 months. McCain has raised less than half that much, $115 million, in 17 months.

The “Harriet” factor:

For his part, Obama faces the huge challenge of wooing the Clinton base, as the Democrats try to patch things up after what was an extended, exhausting and often bitter campaign. Time grows short for Obama on that front with the party convention set for late August in Denver.

Through the primary season polls showed Clinton back
ers — especially women and working class voters — increasingly declaring they would vote for McCain rather than Obama

The latter may well decide this election. But even if McCain manages to get these votes he’d best keep his eyes open. Barry has a way of sneaking up on you.

More here:

Obama heads for republican turf with economic message

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