No problemo, IEA

Chins up, global warming do-gooders… now’s your chance to shine. Ready to save the world? The International Energy Agency has a plan… if you are up to the challenge:

TOKYO – The world needs to invest $45 trillion in energy in coming decades, build some 1,400 nuclear power plants and vastly expand wind power in order to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, according to an energy study released Friday.

The report by the Paris-based International Energy Agency envisions a “energy revolution” that would greatly reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels while maintaining steady economic growth.

“Meeting this target of 50 percent cut in emissions represents a formidable challenge, and we would require immediate policy action and technological transition on an unprecedented scale,” IEA Executive Director Nobuo Tanaka said.

A U.N.-network of scientists concluded last year that emissions have to be cut by at least half by 2050 to avoid an increase in world temperatures of between 3.6 and 4.2 degrees above pre-18th century levels.

Scientists say temperature increases beyond that could trigger devastating effects, such as widespread loss of species, famines and droughts, and swamping of heavily populated coastal areas by rising oceans.

Hey we saw that last one happen in a Roland Emmerich film… it MUST be true.

No this is not a story from The Onion and I promise I didn’t make this up. These are real figures in a real report that the IEA wants us to take seriously… and act upon.

If you are starting to see an agenda then you are making progress. See what I mean when I talk about personal freedom lost in the name of the “greater good”?

If you’re still on board with this “energy revolution” after reading this, here are some more details of how we can help:

Assuming an average 3.3 percent global economic growth over the 2010-2050 period, governments and the private sector would have to make additional investments of $45 trillion in energy, or 1.1 percent of the world’s gross domestic product, the report said.

That would be an investment more than three times the current size of the entire U.S. economy.

Tshh. Easy. If all of us in the U.S. could agree to simultaneously downgrade our cable packages…

In addition, the world would have to construct 32 new nuclear power plants each year, and wind-power turbines would have to be increased by 17,000 units annually.

Daunting task for sure. But the U.S. is up to it. With all the illegal labor we have at our disposal, those suckers will go up fast.


Nations would have to achieve an eight-fold reduction in carbon intensity — the amount of carbon needed to produce a unit of energy — in the transport sector.

Is that all? Just think, we could achieve a 25% reduction in carbon alone just by taking 5 less breaths per minute!

And in case you were wondering, here are the dire consequences we will face if we don’t act now:

…Failure to act would lead to a doubling of energy demand and a 130 percent increase in carbon dioxide emissions by 2050, IEA officials said.

This development is clearly not sustainable,” said Dolf Gielen, an IEA energy analyst and leader for the project.

And your requirements are sustainable, Dolf ?

This is laughable. And more than a little scary because if we get Barry in the Oval Office, we can be guaranteed that he’ll blindly and eagerly sign any environmental treaty the U.N. puts before his eyes in response to this data. No doubt with the full endorsement of those dufuses who consider a Powerpoint slideshow from a has-been politician to be all the evidence they need to throw their rights away…

Sovereignty… it was a fun little experiment while it lasted…

Again, I am NOT saying unequivocally that man-made global warming isn’t real. I’m saying that it is a theory that has caught the keen interest of politicians, pundits and bureaucrats worldwide. As a result of pressure and intimidation, the doors of debate have been slammed far too early on this issue. Consequently, we are now poised to make some of the most dramatic changes to policy, lifestyle and personal/financial freedom that we have probably ever made as a nation.

What if the “experts” and media doomsdayers are wrong folks? It’s happened before

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Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

Allen Taylor

Comment by Allen Taylor

Much appreciated, Mr. Taylor!

Comment by hopperbach

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