The question of Hillary

obama and hillary

The Democratic primary is over now – all that remains is to pry Hillary’s cold fingers from the ticket and look ahead at an Obama vs. McCain battle. The buzz now, of course, centers around whether Obama should choose Clinton as his running mate — whether she would be an asset to him or a liability.

While that is being pondered, others are still scratching their heads and wondering just what went wrong with the Clinton campaign in the first place. Why did such a “sure thing” fail? The general consensus is pride, miscalculation and… well… Bill.

The North Denver News says that the Clintons enjoyed the stage a little too much. The were so energized by the adoring crowds and the assumption that this was her pre-ordained moment in history, they became blind and outright hostile to anything signs that might indicate otherwise:

But after entering the primary season as an “inevitable” candidate, the swing to Barrack Obama left the campaign of Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton legacy in shreds, as the campaign became vitriolic and less than honorable at times.

It seemed as the Clintons just couldn’t leave the spotlight, regardless of the cost to Democratic fortunes in the fall, or to the country, as ugly rancor over race came front and center time and again.

And according to Arianna Huffington, this ugly rancor — more specifically Der-Shlickmeister running his mouth about Obama — has not only cost Hillary the nomination, it has also knocked the Clintons from the cherished throne of the Democratic party. And she feels that their “‘damaged goods” status is the chief reason why Obama should not ask Hillary to be his running mate:

Obama is now basically in charge of the Democratic Party. This is the end of the Clinton era of the Democratic Party. This is purely reality,” she said on “Larry King Live.”

Huffington said that putting Clinton on the ticket would mean “having to deal not just with Hillary Clinton and her disappointment, but having to deal with Bill Clinton and the way he’s been running the whole campaign.”

Bill Clinton has come under fire for being too vocal in his criticisms of Obama.

But all this brings us to the million dollar question: is Hillary more dangerous to Obama up-close or at a distance? According to the SFGate’s The Ross Report, it may be the latter. Obama might want to put Hillary on the ticket simply because it would be lethal not to:

As to the aforementioned presumptive Democratic nominee, forget dealing with President Ahmadinejad for a moment, handling the Hillary problem will likely put Obama’s presumed political and diplomatic skills very much to the test.

Possible mantras while pondering: “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer” (Sun Tzu) “It’s probably better to have [her] inside the tent pissing out than outside pissing in.” (LBJ on J. Edgar Hoover)

Disgusting visuals aside (shudder), certainly the Clintons have always been people you need to keep a close eye on… much more so if you have just dealt them a humiliating defeat. But try to imagine Vice-President Hillary and ex-President Bill stepping into the Oval Office again after eight years. The look I see coming into their eyes is not unlike the intense look my cat gets when she sees a tasty finch outside our window, “I’ve GOT to have this thing!”. My prediction is they would shove Obama out the door, lock it tight and stage a coup. If nothing that drastic you can bet they would pretty much act as if they still ran the place.

All of these scenes are hypotheticals of course, and as a conservative I suppose I should be spending my time visualizing McCain in that office. But at the moment, the drama on the other side intrigues me too much. Just what does Barack do with a hot potato like Hillary?

The one thing he’d better NOT do is ignore her.

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