The “weak’s” top story from France

brigitte bardot

In late 2006, activist and former sex symbol Brigitte Bardot penned an impassioned letter about the growing Muslim influence in France to then Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy (now President). In it she said that her home country is

tired of being led by the nose by this population that is destroying us, destroying our country by imposing its acts.”

Bardot is well-known as a crusader for animal rights and she was writing here to protest the Muslim feast of Aid el-Kebir, which is celebrated by slaughtering sheep. So how did France respond to their beloved Brigitte? Why, they led her by the nose to court where she was tried and convicted for inciting racial hatred, of course. This is absolutely mystifying:

Brigitte Bardot was convicted Tuesday of provoking discrimination and racial hatred for writing that Muslims are destroying France.

A Paris court also handed down a $23,325 fine against the former screen siren and animal rights campaigner. The court also ordered Bardot to pay $1,555 in damages to MRAP.

Bardot’s lawyer, Francois-Xavier Kelidjian, said he would talk to her about the possibility of an appeal.

A leading French anti-racism group known as MRAP filed a lawsuit last year over a letter she sent to then-Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy. The remarks were published in her foundation’s quarterly journal.

Unbelievable. And this was not the first time Bardot has been dragged through France’s court system for having an opinion. She had been convicted four times previously for the same offense”.

Thank God this is not happening in the United States… yet. Mind you, there are many who want these kinds of laws here. Liberals salivate over the idea of prosecuting such sinister “inciters of hate” as Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Anne Coulter and yes even some of us humble bloggers. Not that some of you would mind being locked up with Michelle or Anne… but stay on your toes because this battle may be coming to your turf sooner than you think.

As for FRANCE all I have to say is this: your Muslim population is growing really fast. Yes it’s important for a free country to allow it’s people to worship as they choose BUT you had better stop buckling under to extreme Islamic interests if you don’t want to find your beautiful country under Sharia law in about 20 years. I’m dead serious. Time to stop pandering and get a little of your… how you say… amour-propre back.

If not, then here’s a fun little multiple choice quiz for ya:

When radical Islamists DO attempt to destroy your country, who do you think is going to be pulling your appeasing butts out of the fire?

a. Germany

b. Russia

c. the U.N.

d. same country who pulled your appeasing butts out of the fire in WWII

If your answer was “d.”, you win a free cheeseburger on US.

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