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June 4, 08, 3:15 pm
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red wine

Time to stock up on the Two Buck Chuck? A recent study has presented interesting new findings in the ongoing research into the effects of red wine and aging. Earlier reports had shown that an ingredient in red wine called resveretrol might slow down the effects of aging by activating preservation mechanisms in your body tissue. But the problem was that you had to be a bona-fide LUSH to get the full effects — we’re talking 100 bottles a day or more. Only certain hollywood starlets can achieve those levels.

But a new report has found that it may take a lot less wine than previously thought to slow down the clock:

…a research team led by Tomas A. Prolla and Richard Weindruch, of the University of Wisconsin, reports in the journal PLoS One on Wednesday that resveratrol may be effective in mice and people in much lower doses than previously thought necessary. In earlier studies, like Auwerx’s of mice on treadmills, the animals were fed such large amounts of resveratrol that to gain equivalent dosages people would have to drink more than 100 bottles of red wine a day.

The Wisconsin scientists used a dose on mice equivalent to just 35 bottles a day. But red wine contains many other resveratrol-like compounds that may also be beneficial. Taking these into account, as well as mice’s higher metabolic rate, a mere four, five-ounce glasses of wine “starts getting close” to the amount of resveratrol they found effective, Weindruch said.

So now we have whittled the required levels of merlot down from super spectacular stinkin’ drunk to an acceptable level of tipsy.

And not only that — resveratrol may just help you.. or your rat… win the triathlon:

One of the more spectacular results was obtained last year by Dr. John Auwerx of the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology in Illkirch, France. He showed that resveratrol could turn plain vanilla, couch-potato mice into champion athletes, making them run twice as far on a treadmill before collapsing.

So there it is — grab that cabernet, hit the treadmill and don’t look back.

Also, a note for you Dems out there: it’s wine, not whine that will help you live longer. Just thought that needed a little clarification.

Full story here:

New hints seen that red wine may slow aging


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