Sleepless in Guantanamo

A detainee at GITMO has decided he’s tired of the tropical life and wants to go home. A lawyer for Mohammed Jawad (for once can’t one of you folks over there just name your kid Steve?) is trying to have the charges against him dismissed.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico—An Afghan detainee at Guantanamo Bay was the alleged victim of an abusive tactic meant to decrease his resistance to interrogation, a Pentagon-appointed defense attorney said Wednesday in a motion to dismiss charges.

Air Force Maj. David Frakt filed the motion to dismiss war-crime charges against Mohammed Jawad because he was allegedly subjected to a sleep-disruption technique that involved round-the-clock cell transfers at the isolated U.S. detention center in Cuba.

Frakt alleged that Jawad underwent the so-called “frequent-flyer program” at the U.S. base a total of 112 times during a two-week period in May 2004. Jawad, a 23-year-old accused of a grenade attack that wounded two U.S. soldiers, was about 19 at the time.

Poor little jihadist, having to go from cell to cell like that. The humanity.

Give me a break.

I have no sympathy for Islamic radicals. Zero. Can’t quite remember where it all started… maybe it was that crisp fall day in 2001 when I witnessed smoke pouring up into the heavens where two buildings used to stand. Yeah… that pretty much iced it for me I think.

Since when did sleep deprivation become torture anyway? And if it is, can I bring my neighbor’s fox terrier to court? I’m not sure what secrets he is trying to pry out of me in the wee hours but he’s wearing me down fast.


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