A monumental contrast

FOXNews ran the following picture in a lighthearted reference to Hillary Clinton’s aspirations for greatness as she campaigned in South Dakota:

Hillary Clinton Mt. Rushmore

Whether this pose was set up (and knowing Hillary it probably was) or whether a photographer managed to get just the right shot is not known.

In either event, the photo is interesting in that it accomplishes just the opposite of what Clinton may have hoped. Seeing Hillary’s goofy visage juxtaposed against the backdrop of four of the more remarkable figures in American history is laughable. It’s like putting a velvet Elvis next to the Mona Lisa. Having her pose next to giants only shows what an ant she is in comparison.

What Hillary fails to grasp is that these men did the great things they did out of passion and deep conviction for their country — not because they hoped to one day have a monument created in their honor. Hillary, on the other hand, has visions of greatness FIRST and then tries to fill in the blanks with public acts designed to make her look good.

Nice try Hil… but no.


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