Columnist makes hay of Bolton event

George Monbiot

A columnist for The U.K.’s Guardian newspaper had to be restrained today as he attempted a citizen’s arrest on former UN ambassador John Bolton for supposed war crimes in Iraq. Columnist and activist George Moonbat Monbiot was blocked by two “heavily-built security guards” as he attempted to serve Bolton with a “charge sheet” at the end of a talk he was conducting at the Hay Festival in Wales.

After being released by the guards the columnist – a fierce critic of the 2003 American-led invasion – made a dash through the rain-soaked tented village in a failed attempt to catch up with Mr Bolton.

Click here for exclusive audio of the dramatic event as it unfolded.

The Telegraph continues:

A crowd of about 20 protesters, one dressed in a latex George Bush mask, chanted “war criminal” as Mr Bolton was ushered away.

Ah yes, what would an anti-war protest be without the obligatory dweeb in a Bush mask. Sure makes ME think long and hard about U.S. foreign policy.

Man it would have made for such a perfect ending if Bolton’s limo had made an illegal u-turn as he left the scene. Who needs TV Land when we have this kind of comedy? Thank God for activists.


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