Un-Link me, please

In case you’re not familiar with Link TV, it’s one of those satellite networks sandwiched between all the boring university lecture channels we quickly skim over to get to Spike. It’s kind of similar to Lifetime Network, only it shows more documentaries than movies and teaches us to hate America rather than men.

Well, Link TV also sponsors a website called Dear American Voter in which touchie-feelie-warm-fuzzy types from all over the world can post videos informing and instructing us U.S. citizens on how we should vote in the upcoming elections. Isn’t that kind of them? Here’s the introduction from the front page:

The upcoming U.S. election will affect people all over the world, but only Americans will get the chance to vote. Would you like to send American voters a message? Make a video that tells how you would vote, and why. Even better, don’t just tell them, show them: How have U.S. policies already changed the place where you live? What about the lives of your friends and family? You may not have your say in the ballot box, but you can still be heard!

What’s that high-pitched whining sound I hear? Did someone leave a radio on?

Dear D.A.V.,

The reason the U.S. is the leader of the free world is because our country was founded on principles of personal liberty and rugged-individualism. There are two ways in which we can lead: either by example — by showing the world how successful and prosperous a Representative Republic which recognizes the unalienable rights of it’s citizens can be. Or we can “lead” by conciliation — by sitting down and listening to a bunch of half-informed bobble-heads from other nations lecture us on how we are responsible for meeting their needs. In the latter case, we won’t remain the leader for very long. But I guess that’s what most of you folks at Dear American Voter would really like to see anyway…… uh huh… thought so.

In closing… bite me.


American Voter



Credit good ol’ Neal Boortz for bringing this website to my attention.

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