Lies… part duet

John McCain

Lest any libs accuse me of not being fair and balanced (like I care), I now bring you the second installment of the FOXnews segment, Trail of Tall Tales. This time the focus is on statements that John McCain has uttered that turned out to be… um… not so true. Fair warning though: his examples are outright BORING compared to Hillary’s. In most of these instances McCain is just doing what politicians dotalking out of both sides of his mouth. Examples include reversing his stance on the Confederate flag in SC, claiming to be an economic expert, lying about John Kerry… asking… him to… be a running ma………………..




Sorry, dozed off there.

McCain has his moments but he’s just not as much fun as Sen. Clinton. Yes, John contradicts himself, but Hillary creates elaborate fairy-tales in which she or another family member is the star. The woman spins enough yarn to cover the entire world in ugly quilts. Sorry John, she’s just more entertaining.

But I digress. Here is the link to McCain’s foibles and fables for those who are interested. What do I care, the guy’s practically a Democrat anyway. Obama will come tomorrow. THEN, well have some fun.

Trail of Tall Tales: John McCain


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