Lies and the lying candidates who tell them

Hillary Clinton

FOXNews.com has presented the first of a 3-part series called Trail of Tall Tales which will focus on some of the more notable falsehoods that have been propagated by the three leading Presidential candidates over the years.

Wednesday, they focused on Hillary. I feel for the editors at FOXNews who were obviously forced to whittle her legion of whoppers down to a mere twelve for the sake of brevity. Some of the gems covered here include Travelgate, sniper fire in Bosnia, the Vince Foster documents, Chelsea jogging near the WTC on 9/11, being named after Sir Edmund Hillary — and many other “misstatements” and “snafus” for which she has become legendary. After finishing the piece you’re left wondering… does this woman ever NOT lie?

Good reading:

Trail of Tall Tales: Hillary Clinton


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I think you will see the same amount of lies by Obama cause his list of lies is very long. So you will post his lies when Fox News post them? :)

Comment by goodtimepolitics

I shall. His list comes out tomorrow I think. Hillary is a tough act to follow but I know the Golden Boy won’t disappoint.

Comment by hopperbach

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