Some like it morbid…

Sigh. Content is king as they say…

Wow. What a SURGE in hits I got when I posted the story about New Travel Weekly — the Chinese magazine which recently published photos of scantily clad women posing in the aftermath of China’s recent deadly earthquake. I mean HUGE traffic. Record day even. My ego wants me to think that these folks were curious about my insightful take on the matter…

You go right on thinking that little ego… atta boy… now go to sleep little guy.

Now that he’s out of commission let’s get to the heart of the matter — you visitors were here for one reason.. and one reason only… TO SEE FREAKIN’ BABES IN THE RUBBLE. Demure oriental women in their underwear amidst the backdrop of one of the worst tragedies in China’s history. Corpses buried a mere yards away… Hubba hubba. And you guys that visited were hoping that I had… or at least had a link to… the taboo pics. Weren’t ya?

Further supporting my hypothesis is that when I look on my stats page under Clicks (which shows which links people clicked while visiting my blog) the ABC News story I had linked to had been clicked… and clicked… and clicked… and clicked. People NEVER click on the news links! What you guys were hoping was that the link would take you to the actual pictures in question…. WEREN’T YA!? Well, sorry to limpen your biscuit but — with the stranglehold China has on it’s own media, those pictures will be lucky to ever see the light of day. Why anyone would want to look at them anyway…

Well, hopefully at least some of you enjoyed reading my poignant thoughts about freedom, Communism and… ah who’m I kiddin’. Maybe I should start posting some “Page 3” girls here. Or maybe hopperbach’s “bunny of the month”… not a bad idea actually. Click on the link in the sidebar for the first installment…

But I guess I should appreciate the traffic. If you haven’t already gone away mad, I actually do thank you for stopping by. If politics happens to be another of your morbid interests I hope you’ll consider coming back. If not, go out and rent some Christina Ricci movie to satisfy your little goth fetishes.


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LOL pwned!

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