Live from New York… it’s John McCain?

Senator John McCain appeared on SNL this past weekend. The intention obviously was to endear himself to the “hip” crowd by showing that he had the ability to laugh at himself. But while parts of the skit are funny (the proposed device for jamming “Gaydar”) I’m not sure that this appearance really helps him. Frankly his age is something that, even in jest, he may not want to be emphasizing at this point. McCain did it repeatedly, so much so that by the end of the speech you find yourself thinking “Man, this guy really IS old.”

Yes I know Reagan also joked about his age but he was much more clever about it. During the 1984 Presidential debates against Walter Mondale he quipped “I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.” Thus, Reagan succeeded in being very funny while at the same time disarming his foes by sending the clear message that his age was an asset, not a liability.

Also, it struck me as a little odd that McCain would go into different ways in which he screwed up the state of Arizona during his years as a Senator. Although the examples were obviously fictitious, his making light of his own ineptness may be interpreted as an admission of ineptness. It makes me wonder, does this guy really want to be president? It’s one thing to poke fun at yourself, but it’s quite another to become a parody of yourself.

I’m curious as to who wrote this piece for him. Perhaps Al Franken is back on the SNL staff? He certainly could use the work. Overall the skit was funny — just perhaps ill-advised.

Here’s the YouTube clip:


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