The gaffe that keeps on giving…

Wow, what a gift Barack Obama is to George W. Bush and conservatives everywhere. Just when we thought he’d learned his lesson after his spasmodic reaction to George Bush’s “appeasement” speech to Israel’s Knesset yesterday, we get this from Foxnews

Barack Obama struck back at President Bush and John McCain in tandem Friday, saying the president’s criticism the day before of politicians who would speak to terrorists is “exactly the kind of appalling attack that’s dividing our country and that alienates us from the world.”

Obama was campaigning in South Dakota, which holds its Democratic primary on June 3. But he used his appearance in the state to ratchet up his fight with the White House.

Again, who would even know about this excellent quote in Bush’s speech — in which he compared the idea of negotiating with terrorist regimes to the same type of ill-placed warm-fuzziness one American senator showed toward Hitler in WWII — if Obama hadn’t taken his big yellow highlighter to it and placed it squarely in front of our eyes? This is just beautiful. It’s the best PR that Bush has ever gotten for his firm and consistent stance against appeasement and I, for one, say keep bringin’ it Barack.

And he does. This time taking aim at potential Republican Presidential opponent John McCain:

He accused McCain of “fear-peddling” and of embracing Bush’s comments the day before during his address to Israel’s Knesset.

We seem to have really hit a nerve, here. Chalk it up to Obama’s inexperience? Well, we could if not for the fact that some other Dems — including none other than Hillary Clinton — have also decided to get in the act and stomp away at this flaming bag of doodie that has appeared on their front porch:

Though Bush never invoked Obama by name Thursday in that address, the Illinois senator and a chorus of prominent Democrats took the president’s remarks as a slam against him. Even Hillary Clinton — who has criticized Obama’s diplomatic policies — called the president’s comments “offensive and outrageous.”

Oh this is sweet. Thank you, Dems, for this unexpected gift. Meanwhile, the White House reacted to this controversy today by wisely deciding to play the “surprised” card:

Ed Gillespie, counselor to the president, said Friday the White House was taken aback by the backlash that followed Bush’s speech.

“We did not anticipate that it would be taken that way, because it’s kind of hard to take it that way if you look at the actual words of the president’s remarks, which are consistent with what he has said in the past relative to dealing with groups like Hezbollah and Hamas and Al Qaeda,” Gillespie said.

“And so there was really nothing new in the speech that anyone could point to that would indicate that.”

But Gillespie did go on to call out another famous patron of paranoia:

He said there was some anticipation that it would be seen as a slam against former President Jimmy Carter, who recently met with leaders of Hamas, but that it was not intended as a rebuke to him, either.

And with that, a new trap is set. Now lets see if Carter takes the bait as well. This is like shooting fish in a barrel….


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