In a perfect world…

John McCain

John McCain has outlined his vision of what the world will look like after he becomes President. All I can say is he’d better have plenty of Red Bull on hand if he expects to accomplish all of this in four years.

From the Boston Globe:

In the world of President John McCain, most US troops will be back home from a safer, democratic Iraq by January 2013 – the first date he has mentioned for ending the war.

Afghanistan will be more stable, with the Taliban and Al Qaeda under control and Osama bin Laden dead or captured. Iran and North Korea will no longer have nuclear programs, and the genocide will have ended in Darfur.

At home, the economy will be humming, the tax code simpler, schools better, and healthcare more affordable. The borders will be secure, illegal immigrants deported, and a guest worker program in place. The country will have weaned itself off foreign oil.

And all races and cultures will live in harmony and all vehicles will run on water.

Sorry to be skeptical — yeah McCain would be better than the… shudder… alternative — but geez, where is all this coming from? What is the plan? As we saw on the other side with John Kerry in 2004, any candidate can get up there and say anything.

As for the January 2013 promise, many are now criticizing him for specifying what would appear to be a proposed pull-out date for Iraq. McCain insists that this is not the case at all, but rather a promise to end the war — victoriously — by 2013. As in mission accomplished, get out the ticker tape.

The McCain camp later attempted to clarify that point:

“Senator McCain has always said his decisions about force levels in Iraq would be guided by two fundamental factors: conditions on the ground and the advice of military commanders,” his campaign said in a statement. “As commander in chief, Senator McCain would ensure we would prevail with honor against our enemies. He believes this can be accomplished in Iraq by 2013 – but only if we reject the course of arbitrary withdrawal following a politically motivated timeline.”

Again, that would be grand. But what is the strategy? My support for our troops and our mission overseas has never waned, but even with the best and most detailed plans in place, war is ultimately an unpredictable beast. We could accomplish our goals by next week for all I know, but for McCain to claim that he will have this — along with a dead Bin Laden, a neutered North Korea and a genocide-free Darfir — neatly wrapped up by the end of his term seems a little ambitious.

But later in the article comes a promise that, given McCain’s past record, I can believe:

Instead of officials cashing in after leaving government, McCain said he wants scores of private-sector leaders to work for his administration for $1 a year. And instead of partisan fighting, he promised to seek advice from Democrats and appoint them to high office.

Very easy to envision this. I watched this man become almost giddy a few years ago as he schmoozed with the Dems on such issues as campaign finance reform and immigration — all while appearing to take some kind of naughty delight in getting under the skin of the Prez and fellow Republicans. For a time, there were even whispers about him changing parties (he denied it, but he sure seemed to enjoy all the attention). Democrats, of course, exploited him to the hilt as did the media who christened him with his now famous “maverick” label. Do you really expect  McCain’s love affair with the left to end when he becomes President? Ha! I’ve got some prime land in the Okefenokee for ya’ if you’re buyin’ into that…

But hey, I’ll give the man a chance to prove me wrong — watching hopefully but with a skeptical eye. Though I expect him to be firm in his foreign policy, I don’t expect much out of of him domestically that will cause him to be hailed as the next Reagan. The Republican party in general, with it’s increasing slide to the center, has lost much of my respect. Though I will still side with them more often than the Dems, for the most part they are complete weenies. Sorry… but thems the facts.

In my utopian world, I would wake up after election day to find that Ron Paul has pulled the upset of the Millennium. Or Bob Barr. Or even Alan Keyes (yes he is actually running). None of them perfect, but all with a much better grasp on the Constitution and the values that our Founders envisioned — that of smaller government and greater individual liberty. Or if it’s too late for that, I’ll even take Ayn Rand’s version of utopia in Atlas Shrugged — the one where the producers of society go into hiding and form their own perfect capitalist system, leaving the whiners of the dependency class to fend for themselves.

Alright, not very realistic — but it’s a wonderful thought. And why not? Who’s to say it can’t work? Who’s John Galt?


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